Supernatural recap (of the epic) LARP and the Real Girl

Wednesday is Supernatural day! And yesterday was a mega super day for SPN, with the episode LARP and the Real Girl (S08E11)!!! This is one of the episodes that’s gonna stick forever… like the episode where Dean keeps dying (S03E11 Mystery spot) or the one where the guys are sent to another dimension – ours (S06E15 The French Mistake)… And to top it off, Felicia Day is back as Charlie!


So this epic episode starts with Ed, our victim to be, that enters his apartment (full of very geeky stuff… very geeky in deed, like, worst than the 4  guys from Big Bang Theory) having a heated discussion with someone on the phone and while in bed, gets his limbs torn off with the help of some invisible ropes and we can even hear the hooves of some horses somewhere in the room… ah, and a strange tattoo of some tree like symbol appears on his arm.

Then we see Sam and Dean tiding on their car. Sam is still mopping and Dean gets it, a suggest that the brothers should go out and have some fun, maybe hit a bar or two, while Kevin is on tablet duty. But Sam gets a phone call from Garth and he informs them of a case nearby (yes, he is tracking them via GPS – “And Garth? Its bad enough that you’re tracking us, but it’s even worse when you say ‘We’ve been Garthed’.”) – By the way… I want Garth back ASAP. So while there’s no word from Kevin, Sam wants to work on cases (and have no fun!).

At the vic’s apartment, the boys show their (very fake) badges and the sheriff comments how quick they were – the body’s not even out yet (“The FBI is all work, no play.”). So the sheriff shows the crime scene to Sam (“He lived alone. Which is a real shocker considering this place is full of toys.”) – the sheriff is incredible! – and Sam notices the tattoo on the victim’s arm – “So is anything missing from the body?” “You mean aside from his arms and legs?!”. The sheriff then informs him they have a lead, Lance, based on the phone records (“These kids today with their texting and murder.”).

The brothers question Lance, who immediately starts to cry and tells they that the murderous text messages weren’t from him (“Those texts weren’t from me. They were from me, but they weren’t from me me.” “Did you really think that sentence was gonna clear things up.”) and explains about their characters in Moondoor and the LARPing (“He was Lancelot to my Merlin”) – and by the way, this Lance had challenged Ed to a duel with wands and swords at dawn – “Now when you wands, do you mean magic wands?” “No, unmagic wands, agent. Because what I really want in a duel in an unmagic wand!”. So the guys go outside to checkout the website Lance talked about, and recognize the Queen – Charlie (and throughout the video, we can see the excitement in Dean’s face)! Meanwhile, inside the interrogation room, Lance bleeds to death after he receives the same tattoo his friend did.

So the Winchesters decide to go to the game site – “Lucky for us we know the Queen” !!! In Moondoor they are watching a judgment kind of role-play when everything stops because the guy trapped looses his fake teeth (hilarious!) – and then the guys are called on the fakeness of their badges and cheep suits – genera mashup is only every third month…


Then we finally see Charlie, who’s battling one of her squires, he yields and professes his love to her, in a very Star Wars kind of way: “I love you.” “I know.”. And then, as she makes a speech to her leeches, she sees the brothers and is not happy about it! Because if they’re there, so are monsters, then she wonders if she’s a “monster magnet“. After she considers leaving for good (and basically crowning Dean), he informs her that Ed and Lance are both dead, so she stays and decides to help (Dean wanted her to go and be safe and Sam wanted her to stay and help, and she agrees with Sam). – Great moment when Dean helps her with the strategy for the upcoming battle!


The tox results from Lance’s autopsy come back and even though they aren’t any physical signs, Sam tells them “But the medical examiner said his body showed clear signs of belladonna poisoning.”, to which Charlie and Dean respond in unison “The pornstar?” and Sam (with the most amusing face ever) responds “The poison.“. At this moment Sam needs a laptop, but there aren’t any at Moondoor (because there are rules), but there is a tent full of computers… Sam goes to find it.

Charlie informs Dean that he needs to change clothes if he’s going to walk around with her, and she also wants to hear the full wiki of what they’ve been up to.

After Dean recaps their last months (off screen), Charlie informs him that the phantom text to Sam (supposedly from Amelia) was a dick move and he admits it was not his finest hour. They have a very great exchange, and she realizes that he “broke with someone too” (although not in the same sense). And off they go (with a very hot Dean in chain mail), and she tells him that she stayed in the LARPing thing because there she was a here, he tells her that in the real world she’s a hero too, cause without her they wouldn’t have been able to get Dick (“I’m noticing a lot of these maidens checking you out.” “What, you can’t shut this down. It’s good to be queen.”).

In the computer tent, Sam is looking at the files of all the victims, and ends up getting some help from blondie sitting next to him, Galandria, that helps him realize that the symbol is the Celtic symbol for the Tree of Pain, whomever has the mark, will fall prey to fairy magic (while all along flirting with him!). She then asks him to stop by her tent latter, which he declines… bummer!

Charlie and Dean try to find the meaning of the little tree as well, while she flirts with every girl in site (she’s worst than Dean, awesome!). They find out that is the crest for the Shadow King. They run into Boltar and Dean asks her to get back to Sam, while he goes to seek an audience with the King. On her way back she manages to get kidnapped by some disturbing cloaked figure.


Dean reunites with Sam, they share their findings and then realize they lost Charlie!

Charlie wakes up and tries to run away and finds out she can’t (“I’m just an I.T. girl standing in front of a monster asking it not to kill her”)! Then the mask come off and behind it there a beautiful fairy, Gilda, that tells her she’s been brought to this realm to do her master’s biding and she wants to stop it and be freed.


In their quest to find Charlie, Dean brings a gun to intimidate the Shadow King, and sure enough he tells them everything he knows. And promises not to press charges… And the Shadow orc guy that helps them has a huge crush on the queen… but Dean informs him that he ain’t her type (“What, you mean she’s not into orcs?”). They eventually find the tent, only to get in on the worst moment possible… (“Dudes! If the tent is rockin’ don’t come knockin.”)

Then Gilda reveals that her master is none other than Boltar, that wanted to get rid of the competition in order to become king. After a very unfair fight (because Boltar, aka Jerry, has fairy magic on his side), Charlie is able to destroy the spell book (he got at eBay) in a fashion very similar to Harry Potter with a basilisk fang destroying Tom Riddle’s diary in HP and the Chamber of Secrets. Gilda tells them she will take Jerry to her realm, to face a tribunal, but she doesn’t go without a kiss goodbye from Charlie (“Call me… maybe.”). I also like how Jerry refers to Sam as “the big one”!


Charlie decides she will stay and face reality and offers her help whenever they need. And when Dean asks her if she’s good… “Apart from the fact that you blocked me from banging a fairy and I’m about to go lose my crown in battle thanks to my army being decimated, yeah, totally good.”

“Smell you latter bitches”


So Dean and Sam talk and Sam decides that they both need some fun… and comes the best part of the episode! Dean, in character (with a blond wig) replays the Bravehart speech (“it’s the only one he knows”), which gets interrupted by a frisbee in the middle of the battlefield and a random normal dude getting it, and he resume and off they go, Sam and Dean in epic clothes, face paint and stylish hairdos! (How hot is Jared Padalecki, aka Sam, with a ponytail?!)




One of the best SPN episodes to date! Great to see them have some fun again, mainly because they were so off sync for the first half of the season! Great job!

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