My TV Shows Calendar


TV season has started again!!! Hurrayyyy! I’ve honestly had such a crazy couple of weeks that I still haven’t cathed up to anything that came out – I still have a few shows behind from last season… ups! 😳

Either way, I wanted to share with you what I’ll be watching this year, just like I did last year around this time (here).


I still have to catch up to a lot of shows before this becomes a regular schedule, but I’ll try my best.

Are you guys watching any of these? Which show are you most excited about? I’m pretty psyched about the return of Marvel’s Agent Carter 😀 .

63 thoughts on “My TV Shows Calendar

  1. Dee @ the Bookish Khaleesi says:

    Wow you watch a lot! I am not caught up on Supernatural so I always just make it my “Netflix show” hehe and I need to catch up to Criminal Minds so I can watch the new season! I got so overwhelmed with all the shows that I watch that on most of them I am seasons behind ): poo

  2. perfectioninbooks says:

    I watch Blindspot and iZombie too. I want to watch Heroes reborn and Castle, what is Wicked City and Angel from hell about? I’ll have to check those because their names are great. I’m going to watch Quantico right now. I’m excited for Lucifer, Outlander and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow!
    Other shows I watch are Continuum (I’m only in season 2),Reign,The 100, Poldark, Stitchers, Beauty and the Beast (I’m not sure there will be another season), Teen Wolf, The Tudors (I’m in season one) -and as I said before- Outlander,Izombie,Blindspot, Lucifer (I watched the pilot and really liked it).
    I watched the first episode of Limitless and liked it but we’ll see how the show goes on. I watched the first two ep of The Bastard Executioner but I’m not sure if I’ll continue it.
    Other shows I want to watch are: Dominion, White Queen, The Fall, Prison Break and Downtown Abbey.
    Sorry for this long long comment! 😀

  3. Lois says:

    My go to shows at the moment are Arrow, The Flash and Supernatural. I have high hopes for Heroes: Reborn. I got a bit bored of Gotham in the middle of the first series but I’m told the final was intense so I might have to catch up on it.

  4. transhaan says:

    With the all the seasons coming out and new shows arriving, I don’t know how I’m going to manage my time to watch them all ! So many things to watch, so little time ! 😀

    – Lashaan

  5. Sajda says:

    Omg YES! Totally forgot that Jane the Virgin was starting up again soon — I need that show back in my life. Have you seen the first episode of the Heroes Reborn show? I was curious about it and was thinking of picking it up.

  6. Kim @ Tranquil Dreams says:

    Since I moved, I don’t even have TV but I’m working on catching up with Gotham, Grey’s Anatomy, Arrow, The Flash, Criminal Minds, The Vampire Diaries. Hopefully Quantico will land on a streamable channel here. On the side note, I did start season 1 of Supernatural so that’s something..haha!

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